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#1 Posted at 2013-05-31 05:44        

I love CZUB weaponry and have to puke when I play A3 with that Walther P99!

The CZECH ARMY expansion...weapons were very nice and I thought that I'd see the same models in A3?

Someone already made a czuper nice CZ83 but it lacks power.

An OD green P-07 Duty or Suppressed version would be cool.

Also a CZ weapons pack, P-07 Duty , newer P-09 duty, the police/ccw P-01, PCR, RAMI ect.

Not to mention, the long guns: Skorpion 9mm SMG, BREN 805 in 5.56 , 7.68 and 7.62x39,

plus the assorted SA VZ58s, ect.

You guys come up with awesome shit, so if you need any pics., look here: