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#1 Posted at 2013-06-12 19:44        

I want to do a survival-orientation race mission, and I don't know how to set up random mission destinations at a set distance from the spawn point.

I set up a random spawn, so a group of "civilian" players would spawn at a random place at the beginning of the mission. I already managed to do this, so this is not a problem.

Now I would want a single marker to spawn at a random distance between (this is an example) 1500 metres and 2000 metres from the spawn point. Then make that marker the endmission (trigger point for each of the players, so if one of them gets to the marker the "race" ends and a message saying who won appears, I have 4 players, so I need 4 different triggers). And if it is possible, make some stuff appear in the "goal", like some people, a flag, and some decoration.

How can I do all this? I don't want anybody to give me the complete solution, but more some hints on how to do this. It must be possible, as is just the same principles as some other missions (wasteland, annex&invade...) where random missions appear, including markers, objects and triggers.

Also, if someone would be able to point to me the direction towards a script to make players drop their water level (similar to Wasteland), and spawn water containers in some points, I would be grateful, as I would want to include water depletion to force players to look for water.

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