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#1 Posted at 2013-07-06 15:59        
I had an idea that I wanted to play a team versus team mission that played out like Axis and Allies but with small islands instead. I already had some mission making experience but had to teach myself map making and decided to make one large release with the island and the mission as an addon pack.

At this point I have:
Islands are created-each has clearings for FOB's and roads that cross the water in shallow areas where vehicles can cross but small boats can still make it through as well. Each texture is created with high def 2048x2048 samples. I still need to clean up the edges where each texture meets a different one and tweak the colors a little bit.

The mission: Multiple islands across a 5km x 5km total area. Two teams that each have a main base, (one at the SE corner and another at the NW corner), that cannot be captured. Each of the main base islands also have three smaller FOB's with around 20 or so FOB's scattered around the smaller islands. Bases all start off colored grey then change to red or blue depending on who currently has control. A team can only take an island that is next to one they already control. Once taken a squad of AI spawns to defend the base and it cannot be retaken until more enemies are at the base than AI+players of the controlling team. Certain key FOB's will have atv or striders that spawn and the large center island will have an unarmed heli that unlocks for the team that controls the island.

The mission ends when one team loses all three of their FOB's on their home island. I'm thinking of only using the small boats, atvs and unarmed Striders for the vehicles. I really like the fire fights between groups of people and wanted to stay away from vehicle combat.

At this point I still have a ways to go refining the islands and textures but I am still a noob at this and definitely would appreciate any feedback or tips you guys have. Thanks for checking it out so far!

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