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#1 Posted at 2013-07-29 07:47        
My friend is having a problem with Island Life. He has recently installed it properly and has started it up with ArmA II Launcher. When he gets to joining a server he joins it, and it says waiting for host in the middle of the screen. Then it exits him out of that and he returns to the multiplayer server select menu, It has no errors, but when I am in that server, I notice it says player (friends username) connecting, then connected, but then it says he has disconnected. I have searched around and I have come to the conclusion that it is to do with his beta patch. So he reinstalled it to the latest one but I noticed that when he was in mid flow of installing the patch, an error came up saying Wrong CD-Key. I thought that this had to be a factor of why Island Life isn't working for him. I have searched around why that comes up and many have said that their OA still works fine, but this may be why his isn't. Please help as he is really excited to play Island Life and we want to play on it together as it is a really great mod for Arma. I'd like to thank in advance anyone who helps me, replies or even looks at this thread.