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#1 Posted at 2013-09-04 00:22        
Hi, i was wondering if anyone knew of a command that could be put in the init of a helicopter so that the enemy AI units would not target it (or see it as friendly, either works). My aim is to have the chopper land in a hot LZ but not blow up, to allow it to extract troops. Any ideas?

This is the current init of the helicopter and this does not work.

this disableAI "TARGET";this disableAI "AUTOTARGET";this allowfleeing 0;this setbehaviour "CARELESS"


Found solution, command is this allowdamage false;

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#2 Posted at 2013-09-04 03:31        
allowdamage false will just make it take no damage. To make it be ignored use:

this setCaptive true;

That'll set it to Civilian side and be ignored by all other factions.