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#1 Posted at 2013-09-20 08:48        
Hello folks.

I am trying to write a little script which enables me to save next to a specified object.
In this case it´s the "ACamp" object, which is a small (old) tent. I am an amateur when it comes to scripting, so as far as now i´ve put this together:

_team = [s1,s2]
Land_A_tent = cursorTarget;
_dist = _team distance Land_A_tent;

if (_dist <50) then
_team addAction ["save", "save.sqf"];

s1 & s2 = the 2 players, needed in the distance of <50 within the tent, to save the game (Start save.sqf).

i took the inspiration from another script... and im aware that this might be full of errors.

Thanks in advance
Sole Survivor