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#1 Posted at 2013-10-05 20:51        
EDIT: Totally posted this in the wrong forum =_= I thought I had selected Arma 3 WIP Missions. Sorry guys!

I'm currently working on a new mission and am in need of some testers. I've got the mission up on a dedicated server via hamachi *it gets around my stupid router*. There is no "end" to the mission, as I've only set up 2 objectives. This is just 2 squads of 6 playing a small part of a much bigger role. You'll be playing as a recon unit, stealth is advised.


Hamachi server = EmmettGamerz
Password : youtube

remote connect
port 2302
password: youtube

Note, if you're testing alone, or with just one friend (1-2 players), its advised to select the "team leader" positions, giving you full control of the AI players.

I need anyone who tests the mission to take note of any bugs or issues. PM me with any information you come across.

Known issues:

Pressing (M) immediately after starting the mission will disengage the helos engines and everybody will drown. Unknown fix atm. Temp solution, wait 10 seconds before checking out your map.

After landing, Alpha 1-1 calls "1 cease fire" yet no ones fired a shot.


If you test my mission, and supply any information regarding needed fixes, your name will go under the testers category in the credits.

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