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Change log: 12/10/2013

-fix tiles river,road path.
-Fix airbase elevation
-fix database dedicate
-fix campaign save 0 is ok.
-Fix moving troops.
-Fix tiles water , plains, area path.
-Fix alignment bridges

Added into:

city 3d by Nove.
texture dedicate for f16
texture Terrain hd512x512 complete fotorealistic 100%
tiles night 100% is done..
New road , New river.

A special thanks to all group EVF for the help during all the test phase, especially to Tonysoft.
I want also say thanks Nove, Moto, lyrasimo(Tritatutto) and all the BSM Community supported me and help during beta test.

Rudy -Fighting-Falcon

Image by Moto

download from the page

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