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#1 Posted at 2008-03-01 02:42        
hey, Whatever happened to class restricted gear.

A class would be like;

Basic Rifleman; rifles, pistols, and hand grenades
Marksman; scoped rifles, base of fire element
Assault; Auto fire carbines, mg's, smoke grenades.

Cbt Medic; bandages, stretchers, medical veh drivers/pilots

Ammo/supply runners; AT/AA launcher replaced with backpack for extra ammo,
able to drive fuel and ammo trucks

AT/AA specialist; only class able to carry more than 1 round in their launcher.

The rest you can guess.

Only gear and veh open to your class can be used by you.

Imagine a new Evolution map based on this kind of unlocked/locked structure, with revive script?!
So many times I see a wounded player crawl as fast as they can without penalty. Wasn't there
a BAS/ USMC marine assault mod pack that made you black out if you moved too much? and died like in 1-5 minutes w/o treatment.

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#2 Posted at 2008-03-05 23:07        
Well, I was thinking about this when I was on an Evo server, and thought...

Wouldn't a Persistant server that didn't need to reset be pretty neat to play on?

Consider this a proposal for the next "evolution" of Evolution. Mods to an evo map would include;

A) revive script. 1-5min before being sent to hospital for a 2 min bedstay

revived = need to go to a field hospital tent or MASH as a flagged bleeding non-crawler

B) Bleeding. 1-5 min. move and you blackout. as you near death's door you start blacking out.
if healed you are ok to go.

C) Towns get retaken by AI helos doing paradrops or trucks with mg escort. if alive in grey circle
for 2 min, town gets retaken and reinf starts spawning in every 30 sec. AI will attempt this
every 5 min.

D) Player placed structures based on Rank.


Lt------no---Field Hospital Tent--Medic---------------spawn civillian trucks and motorcycles
Col----yes---MASH-----------------Medic---------------spawn medical vehicles
Cap-----no---Helipad--------------Airman--------------acts as refuel point
Col----yes---Hangar---------------Airman--------------acts as refuel/repair/ammo.
Cap----yes---Ammo_Depot-----------Rifleman------------spawns ammo trucks. works as an ammo truck
Cap----yes---Garage---------------Engineer------------spawns wheeled vehicles
Col----yes---Repair_Depot---------Engineer------------spawns tracked vehicles. works as repair truck
Maj-----no---Camoflage_Tent-------Special_Forces------call in precision strikes and cluster bombs
Cap-----no---paradrop_LZ----------Sniper/Marksman-----location of HALO paradrop
Maj----yes---Assault_Firebase-----Assault_Rifleman----Sandbag Fort + full ammo crate. Call in artillery
Col----***---Mobile_HQ------------Anyone--------------need to drive/airlift to location. Spawn point
Call in Nuke strikes, chem attack
and where you order ai reinforcement.

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