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#1 Posted at 2013-11-21 13:25        
Japanese Ground Self Defense Force AH-64 Apache re-texture request
Hello all, I would love to see the stock AH-64 from either Arma2 or OA re-textured in the style of the JGSDF. I think its a rather attractive camo style and it is something that was not included in the JSDF mod but would be would a great addition for added immersion and because it just looks great!

The JGSDF selected the AH-64D(JP) as a replacement for their AH-1 fleet in 2001. As far as i am aware the original order was for 55 helicopters but the order was cancelled with only enough AH-64s in service to equip one squadron. They are one of the few countries to include the Air to Air option of stinger missiles of their birds.


Youtube video...

If there is any texture artists out their looking to do something like this i would be very happy to provide more images and videos.