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Hey people.
I've been using armaholic alot in the past and have never really had a reason to post since I could usually find my solutions in existing posts. However- I could not find one for the issue I am having right now.

So- I've picked up a copy of the original TeeTimes Warfare Stratis and I've modified it. Porting it over to altis and setting it up around Kavala for my clan to play on. (Since they wanted some urban kavala pvp) Now everything works fine on the TeeTimes Warfare mission that was modified, except...

We use TMR in our clan, which generally works well on any mission our members make and also on the official server currently running Invade and Annex. Though for some reason on the modified warfare mission the bipods/weapon rest deployment wont work. No matter what key it is bound to.
I've been wondering if anyone could tell where the problem comes from and perhaps suggest a way to fix this as I have literally no clue how to approach this issue.

Thanks for reading this!

Do not re-post a thread when you think your thread was moved to the wrong section! How about you contact an admin about it first?
And, instead of you deciding how things work here on Armaholic, why not follow our rules? This is a question about a specific addon. Go read the description of the different forum sections maybe?

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