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#1 Posted at 2013-12-12 14:16        
Hello there good people,

So I'm making a weapon addon for ArmA 3 and I have some questions with how supressors should be coded in the config.cpp and in general how do they work.
2 Main questions here:

1) As my weapon is a bolt action rifle I've configured the reload time in a "class Single" mode that inherits "class Mode_SemiAuto" so that it gives about 1.5 second between rounds fired. The problem comes when adding the silencer to the weapon. The silencer renders the weapon semi automatic, meaning that the realoadTime set in class Single does not imply.
2)How can I add my own sounds to shots fired while the weapon is supressed.

Any help/guideline will be greatly appreciated.
Here's my config.cpp ( sorry about the big amount of lines and the code, it's only in a test stage right now, and I'm testing lot of stuff out )