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#1 Posted at 2013-12-13 09:17        
Hiya. I made some occupation alike coop mission, and everything works fine except respawn system.

All the scripts(revive/lift/fast rope/TAW..etc) tested and works, but when I die and hit respawn button, I spawn into left lower corner of the map and suddenly bunch of vehicles, infantries falling down from sky. and it causes huge amount of system lag...

** using BTC revie 0.92 ver. (0.95 is still not stable... sometimes it make system slower)

I attached mission.pbo file link, and hope someone fix the problem for me..

Question #2

me and my group users using 5.56mm addon guns. but 5.56mmx45 rounds do to little damage for AI enemy.
how can I increase the bullets damage?

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#2 Posted at 2014-01-25 19:11        
Not sure about q2, if its the l85a2 by kiory then i totally agree.


Have you put down a marker called respawn_west?
have you put down an object with the code it says to use in the description?

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