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#1 Posted at 2014-01-03 10:05        
Hello everybody, I'm new here, so If this topic have been asked before please redirect me.other wise please help me

Right now I'm playing Arma 3 DUWS by Kibot, using version v0.8a. Its a scenario.

Everything seems working fine at the start but there is a fatal problem after 1 or 2 hrs into the game, I have chosen "trained enemy ai unit" as default option indicated. After taking one enemy zone,the enemy in the rest of the enemy zones wont engage me, sometimes they shoot the ground, or firing really inaccurately, I have even run into the face of a enemy and he didnt do anything.

Please advise if this is a known bug or did I configured something wrong (btw the enemy ai option in original Arma 3 configuration is set at novice.)

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#2 Posted at 2014-01-04 08:16        
Hi, a new version has been released 0.8b, the fix has nothing to do in theory with your problem. But i realized i had not updated the download link to 0.8a before :-( , it was still 0.77a. So if you downloaded from armaholic you didn't have 0.8a i guess.

Could you try this new version and check if you still have the same problem?
Dynamic Universal War System (DUWS) v0.8b

And if it is not fixed you should contact the author directly to inform him here:

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