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#1 Posted at 2008-03-08 20:15        
I am a total noob at scripting and have some questions. I need to know how to use a trigger to make a hummer EXPLODE, and make the same trigger that made the vehicle explode to cause a group of soldiers to move to next waypoint. (i just want a simple mission where it looks like a hummer gets blown up by an IED and then gets ambushed by enemies)

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#2 Posted at 2008-03-08 21:09        
This has been covered many times already (trigger, what if). So I recommend you to look through our forums.
The reason forum posts are saved longer than just for 1 day serves the purpose of being handy for those looking for the same info...........

But I guess thats just a waste of database space.

Group the vehicle with the trigger.
trigger activation: vehicle present
Set trigger type to switch.
Condition: this
onactivation: execute whatever script you can find in our download section.

Sync that trigger with the waypoint you want the "ambush" group to move to when the vehicle explodes. Or maybe the waypoint just before that, atm I cant recall what it is exactly.

If you do not know how to group a trigger with a unit check our forums. If you do not know how to sync a trigger with a waypoint again check our forums. I think I explained that a few dozen times by now.

Additionally may I suggest you to check out our download section for editing manuals.........all you want to know is explained in there as well.

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