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#1 Posted at 2014-01-13 11:28        
Hi everyone, I'm fairly experienced to editing, 2 years of combat experience in Arma and in my spare time I try to reenact missions and operations over in Afghanistan and Iraq as best as I can.

I have a simple Heli Infiltration scenario set up, Invisible H, Heli with squad in cargo, waypoint to unload, squad jumps off, heli flys away. Perfect. Easy. Simple.

I'm horrible with scripts and what I'm asking is probably going to result in a script (maybe?).
When units unload the form up on the SL in the formation the waypoint tells them to. But they just stand there!
I've tried a Line Formation to form a basic firing line observing a certain direction, but that leaves them vulnerable to there left, right and rear. They stand there in the open behind a low wall with no intention of taking cover. I've tried setting them to COMBAT mode, but they just go prone and ends up not being how I want it (boo.)
What I want, is to find out how to get them behind the low wall, crouch down and use it as cover even without an enemy being present (Because even a cold LZ should be treated as a hot LZ) and have the far left and far right of the line look to the left and right continuously scanning for threats and assessing the situation.

Another request if I may, I've seen the JTD Search script but as I have mentioned before, I am horrible at scripts.
Any advice on how to use it or any manual ways of getting certain men to search and clear a compound?

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