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#1 Posted at 2014-01-22 21:00        
yes, i know many of you probably got burned by chris allen, but that's because you were desperate and went after the first "too good to be true" kickstarter you could find.

this one is different. its project lead didn't drop out from halo or console ghost recon games, its project is the venerated designer of mafia. and now he wants to do a medieval mafia, with more realism, authenticity and good stuff as afforded by modern technology.

i've played mount and blade, its mods, and several medieval rpg games like war of the roses. they always missed the mark in terms of either visuals, combat, art, authenticity, or realism. this one looks like a serious attempt at addressing those issues with the medieval rpg genre. and from the screenshots and videos, they're on the right track.

1/3 of its goal reached already and it's been public for only half a day. the demand is definitely there. hopefully some realism fans will join in to defend this game from the call of duty onslaught once their feedback and suggestion forum opens up.