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Hello my Name is falcos over the last few months I have been working with Sirel76 or El76 on Bis forums on the applegate map to finish what he started. as it turns out there are number of community that wish to use this map but do not have the source code or any idea where to get it and so I made it my mission the carry on the work by Sirel76 and finish his map as he has no long the time to do this I would like to offer the code and the map to any and all who wish to take part in helping this map make its way the to beening complete and available to all to enjoy his work. I have full permission to edit them and share as I like. however the only thing I and the owner ask is that you credit them give credits to opteryx for the release of the terrain data, as this belongs to the copyrights of the terrain source. and Sirel76 or El76 for making the object pack. you do not need to credit myself.

Why am I uploading this and making this Post?
there are number of community I and Sirel76 given the code to and in order to give credit to the makers of the make I make this post for people to see in the case that a community try to say they made it first the map and city was made for A2L RPG which has closed and so Sirel76 gave up working on the map which was a shame as it is a nice map and a lot of work has gone into it. and would be a shame that the arma community did not get to try this.

Here is a link to WIP map and some objects

Code of the MAP WIP
( the Map)

Photos of the MAP WIP (

Video of the MAP WIP (

also a photo of permission

I am in the middle of uploaded the Maps Code to a dropbox and Video and photos will be up soon showing the work that has been done.

thank you for reading this and I look forward to see the work people do once the map and code is up.

info any has any issue feel free to contact me at the above place or send good old PM

Added 27 seconds later:

iv updated this now with the links to the code for people to make there own.

Released and available from here:
- AppleGate Community Project

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