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#1 Posted at 2014-02-22 08:35        
Ok so basically i wanna make a battle royal scenario, but here is the thing. Is it possible to make a trigger box around a person that will disappear after 30 second and if the player steps out of the boxed zone he will die until the 30 seconds are up. I just need a way to keep players in a still position so they wont run toward the loot and have a head start before the game begins.

Added 14 hours 32 minutes later:

Ok so I finally got it after someone helped me with it. Activation: Anybody



Condition: player in thisList

Act: if (time < 60) then {hintSilent "Stay inside the circle";};

Deact: if (time < 60) then {player setDamage 1;};
Hope this helps someone in the near future all i need to do is learn how to set large triggers on the map and have about 16 on the map but each one switching between artillery strike, safe zone, and in danger zone. If someone has anything feel free to leave a message. Here is basically what i wanted to do with the triggers and zones.

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