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#1 Posted at 2014-02-26 22:42        
I some how posted this in General Discussion, can you please move it over to Troubleshooting sorry!

Hello! I've played ArmA 2 CO since it came out, and Armed Assault Combat Operations in it's later years. But something I have noticed several times in ArmA is that for some reason the AI tend to fall behind if there are injured men or if the group of AI is in Combat\Stealth status. I've experimented with several mods, I am not sure how to get this to go away. But we might get engaged in the middle of an open field, and I may wait for 30-40 minutes before all of my team mates arrive, and some of them die and some just sit there like stones. It gets on my nerves because I know what I want to do before they start engaging, yet they ignore my commands most of the time and get half my team killed because they wont hold fire or they wont keep up with me. Are there any mods that fix the hold fire issue, and them falling behind constantly?

Also, I troubleshooted this issue with DisableFSM or something that disabled automatic status changes... this kept the AI in formation as I tried to retreat but it also had it's paybacks because I couldn't get the guys to take cover without getting stuck :(

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Did you disable all custom addons and mods to see if the AI behaviour changes?

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