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Can be played solo or up to 4 players. Each player starts unarmed and has a FAC Operator with them. All 4 players and 4 assistants, start in a Blackhawk and make their approach to the coastal airport. Once on the ground Player 1 makes sure everyone loads into the Ural. (player 1 is the trigger for most actions so load last) The Ural will take players to the Armory where they will be able to choose from all US weapons. This includes basic and special weapons, and launchers. Once all players are geared up and ready to rock. You then get 2 choices of transit to the primary objective (electro). Everyone can board the 3 Hummv near the armory with Player1 going in the 2nd hummv. Or everyone can hop in another Blackhawk again with player1 last to load.

Once on the ground at Electro, players need to use caution as there is a large number of enemy there. All players can revive, including their FAC assistants. There is a Med tent, Med Hummv, and a hidden BMP ambulance in the city. Mission ends when Electro is clear from all resistance.

BUG: if you cant seem to find the last enemy, sometimes the enemy will bug and fall into the water, so head to the docks and look in the water and shoot the fish. Other than that so far no other bugs known.

If anyone is interested, I can find a spot to upload it and some screenshots. I also host this, thru the night when Im running tests. Its tough to finish this solo but with a full team its not to bad.

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Almost 5am, posted in wrong section.

BTW: This map was created in and is 100% Arma 2 Free compatable.

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Since there is no downloadlink I will move this to the missions WIP area (in the Arma 2 section).

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