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I'm currently working on a a "Semi-Realistic" campaign set in Helmand Valley Afghanistan and I was wondering what currently deployed U.S. Army Personnel are carrying in terms of Weapons and Optics. Since this probably depends on what unit they are from lets just say its an Airborne Unit. The role's I have questions about in particular are

Rifleman, Fire-team Leaders ect., are they carrying M16's still or all M4's, Also are they using M68 Aimpoints or Trijicon ACOG's?

Machine Gunners and Automatic Rifleman. What optics do they have on their SAW's and M240s?

Designated Marksmen, Does the Army still have them or have actual Sniper teams taken the place? If they still are used, do they still use M16's with ACOGS. Or are they using MK12's or even something bigger like an M39 or M110.

Any help would be appreciated greatly.

I was not really sure if this belonged in the Mission editing area or General Discussion, since it did not pertain just to mission editing I figured this would be ok. If not, my apologies.

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