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#1 Posted at 2014-03-23 22:38        
I'm making a minigame at the moment.
You have a car and jump over a ramp when the car lands it explodes and respawns at the respawn point.
What i want to have now is displaying the distance between the ramp and the point where the car explodes.
I'm editing the respawnscript by Tophe of Östgöta Ops [OOPS] for this, this is the code
The Lines i created are :"
_flagpos = getPosATL _unit;
_unit globalChat "Show this text";
_unit = createVehicle _flagpos; ".
It's creating a car on the position the first car exploded to see where it exploded and then it should give out the distance the car traveled.
The line:" _unit globalChat "Show this text";" was a test for my goal but obviously it didn't work out.

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