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#1 Posted at 2014-06-30 05:25        
Hey guys.

I'm posting here mainly because I've run out of ideas as to what might be causing this issue:
I start up my server, select a map for it to run, and it initializes correctly. However, once loaded, all players / AI are caught in a swimming animation, and all objects float / fade into the ground - all vehicles burst into smoke. I've noticed that this effect lasts for the amount of time that the "Synchronizing... Done" box is in the top right corner. I compare to it as though the land was suddenly submerged below the map's sea level, then resurfaced, allowing the players to walk about freely once the effect goes away.

I'm assuming that it has something to do with mods that the server is running mainly because it's an effect that can be replicated on any map that is loaded up from the server lobby.

Any advice, suggestions, or questions? I'm relatively new to hosting ArmA dedicated servers and relatively new to editing missions, so I'm guessing it's a rookie mistake.

Mod List for the server:
- CBA_A3
- Commander Tablet (cTab)
- CAF Aggressors
- X39 MedSys
- Zooloo FFIS

Let me know if you guys want the .RPT.

UPDATE: I've found that this effect only seems to take place on the A2-ported maps, i.e. Takistan, Chenarus, etc. I've tried loading up Altis and Stratis, default gametypes and missions I've made in the past, and they have no problems.

Thanks a bunch.
~ Best.

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