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#1 Posted at 2014-07-14 14:39        
Hi there.
I downloaded the RHS addon of the 9k79 (
Can anybody post the manual for me?
A link to the discussion in the BI forum ist given. In the BI thread is a link to an online readme. This readme - if still existing needs extra registration.

I want to use the ss21 with AI and use the different warheads. With the information given in den download section there is no clue how to do this. With no variables I can only use the addon in the editor as player to fire a rocket with he warhead.


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#2 Posted at 2014-07-14 15:03        
Have you tried the "clearmagazines" function and then a add another with the 'addmagazine' function? This is how most vehicles and units can be reequipped with different loadouts. I would also like to suggest posting in the BIS topic and or sent them a direct message asking for help to get past the login problem. Maybe they changed their website policy over the years with the login as result!

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