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Full Metal Arma


FMA or Full Metal Arma is a lot of stuff. It is a gamemode and a mission. It is "Kill the VIP", "Capture the Island", "Warfare", "Hold the Base", "Seek and Destroy", "Air Combat simulator" and general patrolling on the beautiful island of Lingor all at once. For now it is only singleplayer, but for players to be able to respawn, as well as adjust through MP Game Parameters (see picture) it have to be run through Multiplayer.

All in all I'd like to call it "A random battlefield generator", because everything is randomized, which makes it optimal for replayability.
F.ex. the number of enemy squads is randomized, their placement is randomized, the amount of soldiers in each the squad is randomized, each soldiers class is randomized, each soldiers skills are randomized, the squads waypoints are randomized, the squads role is randomized. And that is just for the infantry. Add planes, helicopters, spec ops, tanks, static defenses, light vehicles, factories and lots more, and you have Full Metal Arma.

The Island:
The island of Lingor is divided into 12 counties. In the beginning of the game one county is randomly selected (or chosen through MP Parameters) and will serve as the battlefield.
It will have 10 points of interest (POI) which needs to be captured and held, as well as 5 Factories and 2 Radar Stations. Each county will also have an airport (or carrier) from which enemy planes will be launched.

The Officer:
One Officer carries around top secret documents showing locations of Factories, Radars, POI or even have codes for enemy radio transmissions. Luckily we have a mold, who feeds Allied Intelligence with whereabouts of the Officer. Your mission is to kill him and acquire the documents before a new Officer emerges and changes the codes.

The Factories:
The enemy will have 5 Factories which produces enemy troops. The more POI held by Allied forces, the slower the enemy factories will produce units. The Factories are as follows :
Barracks -> produces Infantry
Training Camp -> Produces Spec Ops
Light Vehicle Factory -> Produces Light Vehicles
Heavy Vehicle Factory -> Produces Armored Vehicles
Helicopter Factory -> Produces Helicopters

The Radar Stations:
The enemy have 2 Radar Stations :
The Anti Air Radar Detects incoming Allied aircrafts and launch interceptor planes. Destroy the AA Radar and you will be able to call in Airstrikes, Gunship Runs and Supply Drops.
The Artillery Radar Detects Allied gunfire, artillery strikes, missile barrages and shore bombardments, and will direct enemy artillery and rockets to the target (not implemented yet).

The Carrier:
The Carrier is the base of operations. From there you will be able to acquire planes (A10, F35B, AV8B) and attack helicopters (Cobra, Apache), as well as fuel/repair, change weapon loadouts and get reinforcements. The Cost of the services is determined in MP Parameters and the vehicles (incl recruits inside) can be returned at the lift (Lift to Storage Deck) for a refund of the score.
The Carrier Deck Crew :
Blue Crew : Aircraft Elevator Operators (lifts airvecs in and out of Service Bays and to Storage Decks)
Yellow Crew : Aircraft Handling Officers (lift airvecs from Storage Deck)
White Crew : Air Transfer Officers (ATO) (transfer player to basecamp/militarybase/fieldhospital/beachhead) and promotes players to correct rank.
Red Crew : Ordnancemen (Aircraft weapon loadouts)
Purple Crew : Aviation Fuel (Fueling aircraft)
Green : Air wing maintenance personnel (repairing aircraft)

The reinforcements are requested over the Radio (0-0-1) and are as follows :
MV22 with Marines (max 25 soldiers). Can set up a Field Hospital with AT and AA statics.
MH60S with Marines (max 15 soldiers). Can set up a Base Camp with Mortar and Mounted MG.
UH1Y with Force Recons (max 11 soldiers).
RHIB with Force Recons (max 12 soldiers). Can set up a Beachhead with Mounted MG and Grenade Launcher.

Radio Channels:
0-0-1 Request Carrier Reinforcements
0-0-2 Request Base Reinforcements (not implemented yet)
0-0-3 Call UAV (use com 0-8 to set location)
0-0-4 Call Shore Bombardement (use com 0-8 to set type and location)
0-0-5 Call Missile Barrage (use com 0-8 to set type and location)
0-0-6 Call Supply Drops (use com 0-8 to set location)
0-0-7 Call Airstrike (use com 0-8 to set location)
0-0-8 Call Gunship (use com 0-8 to set location)
0-0-9 Debugging channel
0-0-0 Counting Crows (shows how many enemy left as well as info of your squads soldiers class)

Special features:
  • Afterburner for planes
  • 3 Weapon loadouts for each attackplane and helicopter
  • Change Pilot/Gunner position in choppers while in air

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

  • Bug fixes

  • Credits & thanks:
    IceBreakr for Lingor Island
    Xeno and Benny for inspiration
    TCP for Save Weaponloadouts when respawn
    Clayman for Random Weather Script
    Demonized for DMZ Delete

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

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    Fixes :
    Changed "Lower production when POIs are captured" to (1+Enemy POI) which means if all POI are captured by BLUFOR then production is 100%, if only half the 150% and if all POI are OPFOR then enemy produced 200% (but influenced by MP Param setting and type of prod.)

    Fixed Officer Intel, as lategame he wouldnt give anything (when almost everything was discovered).
    Now if intel given < intel "dice rolled" then it will go again.

    Fixed intel further by not giving intel already acquired.

    Added Notes (more or less same as first post in this thread)

    Removed Waypoints for new enemies for factories already destroyed

    Changed Debug Channel to show every unit on map, as well as player POS,score and rank.

    Marker now show green if factory/radar is destroyed

    Will upload after few more bugfixes


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    No reply, no rating, no nothing...
    Anybody tried this? Not going to upload if no interest :(

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    Welcome to the ArmA community. Feedback you only get when there's something to bitch about. And even then only maybe. Usually people either just play your work and then forgot about it, or trash it right away.

    Anyway, interesting thing you have created. Sounds like fun if you have time to do some serious playing. Might give it a try some time now I'm more or less retired from Modding and creating missions. :-)