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Kel-Tec released a bullpup 7.62mm Rifle in 2008. After some teething issues, by 2014 it is considered an excellent rifle for sporting, police and military purposes. While battle rifles largely fell out of favour with Western armies in the 1980s (earlier in the States), there has been renewed interest in 7.62 caliber rifles following combat experience in Afghanistan and Iraq. Israel, for example, is developing a 7.62 version of the Tavor - having been outranged in infantry contacts by Hamas and friends.

The Rifle, Forward Ejecting, Bullpup is well balanced and is, in my mind, a true successor to the FN FAL in terms of role and capability.

I've mirrored the RFB as closely as I can, using BI's SADR model and altering the config to improve impact and bullet velocity, handling and weight to best represent the weapon. Research was done exclusively online, collating and averaging the opinions and expertise of prolific rifle users, primarily in the US.

In future, I hope to reskin the weapon to more accurately reflect Kel-Tec's product - as well as produce some '35-era patterns I think would fit. I would also like to fit Rifle Grenades (fictionally) to make your Battle Rifle experience as full as possible. Work is in, as they say, progress.

Classname: er_rfb
Ammo: er_rfb_20rnd_762_mag

Credits & Thanks:
nutnfancy - this video was in-depth and very helpful.
1CPB - for teaching me modding.
Armaholic for the massive reference library that is the Forums.

Change log:
- Initial Release, including fix for AI use.

- Planned for Initial Release, bugs found with AI use.

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