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#1 Posted at 2014-09-02 13:47        
Hey, just cleaning up my HD once again and I found these couple little projects which I've forgotten. Both are quite WIP and probably very stupid ideas, but here they are if anyone wants to continue or play around with them:


  • SP-ARCADE.Altis.rar
  • This is fairly simple concept to make vehicles upgradable. It now has a service guy at service point where player is supposed to buy upgrades for his vehicle (Body-, Engine-, Wheel-, and Glass-armors in different stages). (I think there's also someones boost script along.)

    After service guy installs the upgrade, a variable is updated in vehicle. For example if "BodyStage" will be set to stage 1, vehicle will have damage limit (triggered by HandleDamage eventHandler) for hitBody, hitHull, hitTurret, hitGun and hitMissiles of 0.2 * 1(stage) = 0.2. So if getHitPointDamage is below 0.2, it will be set back to zero.

    So pretty simple and should work with most of the vehicles. Only big issue is bullets penetrating glass - it would be ideal if you could delete the bullet if it should not penetrate the glass, but I didn't find good way for this. Maybe you will?

    This comes with very ugly dialog menu and couple other simple scripts; simple SP Respawn, health regereration, nvgoggle removal & forced flashlights, and simple way to make every support system work anywhere you need (moving artillery to valid position every 5 secs).


  • DCT.Stratis.rar
  • This script requires iniDB. Idea was to analyze whole map or some marker areas during mission loading and presave a list of coordinates via iniDB, so that there would be database filled with location and other data (LAND, WATER, ROAD, FLAT) which other script could use to pick random place for compounds or templates like pre-made roadblocks.

    Obviously this is bad practice and should not be used, especially for whole map with small analyze-radius as it would gather too big file of coordinates and get stuck during mission loading. But for marker marked areas it works pretty nicely.

    In DCT/templates there's couple simple roadblock templates built with objectGrabber/objectMapper (which comes within too). So after getting some road data from markers, this can be used easily to place like 30 roadblocks fast and nicely - to roads inside desired area.


    So there you go! These might be a bit messy, but if anyone wants to continue with them, I'm happy to give more details about them. :)

    Need web sites & apps or video effects? I'll make 'em; ||