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First of all, I would like to thank Xeno for doing such a kickass job. I cannot imagine how many man-hours were put into that thing.

Q: How do I enable the artillery computer for every player (not just the arty operators)?

file: x_setupplayer.sqf
line: 756
enableEngineArtillery true;

Q: How can I get rid of the annoying ammobox drop limitation ("You have to wait another x seconds to drop ammobox")?

file: i_client.sqf
line: 105
GVAR(drop_ammobox_time) = 0;

Q: How can I change the vehicle (or artillery) that is called in by the air support?

file: i_common.sqf
line: 580... something...
case (__COVer): {
[[(localize "STR_DOM_MISSIONSTRING_18"), "2b14_82mm"], [(localize "STR_DOM_MISSIONSTRING_19"),"HMMWV_Armored"], [(localize "STR_DOM_MISSIONSTRING_20"), "USBasicAmmunitionBox"]]

You can either change the STR_DOM_MISSIONSTRING_18 in file stringtable.xml or delete "(localize "STR_DOM_MISSIONSTRING_19")" and put in your own string.

Q: How can I enable vehicles to be lifted by transport choppers?

file: i_client.sqf
line: 410
case (__COVer): {
		[   "LAV25_HQ",
Just add the vehicle classname to the array and you can transport it. Remember to check your comma between the classnames (and its absence at the end). One missing comma can fuck up the whole mission.

Q: How can I shorten the time needed to repair wrecks?

file: fsms/Repwreck.fsm
line: 168, 170, 173
param: _sleep_time = 240;

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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