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Follow the story of Lt. Williams after being transferred to Denmark and other NATO forces on Denmark only to find out that the war is not really over when there is a resurgence of enemy forces.

  • Mission One: New Terrain: After the past events, Lt. Williams has been transfered to a new unfamiliar terrain.

  • Mission Two: Training Day: Training has begun. Lt. Williams will have to go though extensive training with his brand new squad.

  • Mission Three: Unsafe Route: Lt. Williams and his squad are onboard a convoy heading back to base after they have secured the radio station.

  • Mission Four: High Casaulty: A helicopter was finally sent to the the convoy's last location to investigate what has happened.

  • Mission Five: Convoy Chaser: A UAV operator is on standby to use a Darter to track and follow an enemy convoy to it's location.

  • Mission Six: Thunder Strike: A FC-37 Stealth Thunder was dispatched on a striking mission.

  • Mission Seven: Rescue Mission: A FC-37 was shot down by Anti-Air, a fireteam callsign Emperor was sent to rescue the pilot.

  • Mission Eight: Safe Air: In order to make sure we don't lose anymore aircraft, a fireteam callsign Reign was sent to take care of CSAT anti-air.

  • Mission Nine: Touch Off: In order for NATO to have the advantage in the air, a operative callsign Dominion was sent in to destroy CSAT aircraft covertly.

  • Mission Ten: Escort: A C-130J is heading to Denmark HQ base, a F/A 18 fighter squadon callsign Nomad is on escort.

  • Mission Eleven: Radio Silence: In order to assault a heavily defended town, a fireteam callsign Emperor is sent in to dismantle their radio tower.

  • Mission Twelve: Armored Fury: A tank column, callsign Anvil is sent to assault a heavily defended town controlled by CSAT forces.

  • Mission Thirteen: Tank Down: Anvil 2-1 have suffered some mechanical problems, and they are sitting ducks in the town of Nexoe.

  • Mission Fourteen: Watery Grave: In order to finally rid the CSAT presence in Nexeo, Reign is sent in to clear the docking area of all hostiles.

  • Mission Fifteen: Alone: After crashing, hawks finally regained conciousness and he was laying at the shoreline alone.

  • Mission Sixteen: Surface: Stingray with Emperor onboard are on their way to rescue the downed pilots when they seen something coming from surface of the water.

  • Mission Seventeen: Secure Svaneke: At the town of Svaneke there is heavy CSAT resistance, a riflesquad callsign Reign is sent in to secure that town.
  • Mission Eighteen: Backyard: CSAT forces have established a foothold in our backyard, in order to breath better an assault force is sent to neutralize all hostiles.

  • Mission Nineteen: Forced Evacuation: If we don't stop the CSAT threat we will soon be forced to evacuate denmark.

  • Mission Twenty: Conclusion : After the evacuation of denmark, Emperor squad was left behind to pay the ultimate price.

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Campaigns folder. If you do not have one then create it.

    This is a Continuum from my other custom campaign Conquer/Control/Collapse so in order to be fully immersed in the story you should play those campaign (because the recent patches have broken my old campaign, I am in the process of making a short-page novel/story that will tell you pretty much all about the Conquer/Control/Collapse without playing it).


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