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#1 Posted at 2014-12-22 17:50        

by massi

CSAT and UKSF Replacement for ARMA3

Hi all,

I made this addon for personal use, but maybe some others would like to try this out.

This addon is a retexture of BI units, that replace standard CSAT uniforms and helmets with more realistic ones, it also features two optional replacements, one add more variety to CSAT special forces, the other change UKSF camo to a more realistic MTP pattern.

All those replacement can run toghether (and I advice to run all of them to have the best effect) , and have NO other addons requirements.

They also do not modify any armor/load/protection value, and only change the visual effect of the units since the loadout has been left untouched, so they're full compatible with any mission or campaign.

Hope you’ll enjoy it !

In "addons" folder you'll find those files:
"mas_rep_csat", "mas_rep_csat_c" : those are the main replacement files and are needed to run the replacement, they change only uniforms and helmets model and left the units untouched.
It gives to CSAT "indep" uniforms in hex and urban camo, plus Spetsnaz and PASGT helmets to replace the tech ones.

In "CSAT SF and UK optional replacements" folder you'll find the optional replacements, to run those just put the following files in the previous "addons" folder and that's it.

"mas_rep_csat_SF_c" : change the aspect of CSAT spec ops adding mask, balaclavas and shemags, and the black and green jumpers top uniforms, but do not change any loadouts to keep them compatible with allmissions and campaign.

"mas_rep_csat_UK_c" : change the CTRG uniform giving them a real MTP camo pattern, since I prefer this to the original triangular camo.
I used what I found on web as reference sources.


– Replace CSAT uniform and helmets with independent uniforms in hex and urban camo.
- Replace CSAT helmets with PASGT and Spetsnaz helmets.

- Add new uniforms, balaclavas, shemag to CSAT Spec-Ops to add more variety (optional-but advised).

- Change CTRG triangular camo in real MTP pattern (optional-but advised).

- This addon DO NOT modify any armor/loading/protection value, but only the exterior appearance of uniforms and helmets, and DO NOT change the loadout of the units, to ensure MAXIMUM COMPATIBITYLITY to scenarios and campaign .

No addons requirements

v 1.0 date 22/DEC/2014
- first release

No problems found so far.

Thanks a lot to BI for their great Arma3!

Thanks to all Arma3 community for great support !

Download Links:

BI forum thread:

Few pics:
CSAT Regulars

CSAT Urban

CSAT Support Units

CSAT Spec Ops


Hope you'll enjoy it!

Best Regards

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#2 Posted at 2014-12-22 18:06        
Thanks for posting the release here :-)
News is up on the frontpage and you can find our mirror here:

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#3 Posted at 2014-12-22 19:11        
ThankYou very much again ;)!

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#4 Posted at 2015-11-11 12:48        
If I don't use the CSAT Special Forces addon, will they keep the vanilla look or will they look like regular troops in different camo?