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Operation Red Phoenix

Currently work-in-progress (should be fun and relatively bug free though!)
You MUST run this scenario in multiplayer (even when playing solo - just choose 'LAN') otherwise respawning does not work (dead is dead)

NATO forces have been pushed back to Stratis Air Base after a push by CSAT. Now an independent rebel faction have come out of hiding in the south and are attempting to remove both NATO and CSAT from their homeland.

• 3 faction war - BLUFOR, OPFOR and INDEP
• AI armies powered by the Alive framework will fight each other and attempt to conquer the island
• Capturable sectors on all military and civilian infrastructure
• Dynamic spawn points - players can spawn on any base currently under their factions' control
• Play for any faction
• Multiplayer with up to 12 players per faction (32 max)

Included scripts
• TAW view distance script for multiplayer view distance setting (view in mouse wheel menu)
• VAS and "vanilla" armory accesible at pallets at each capture point
• VVS (Virtual Vehicle Spawner) accesible at pallets at each capture point
• "Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux" AI recruitment script (again, accesible at pallets)
• VCOMAI script for more intelligent and life-like AI in combat

Known issues/Not yet implemented:
Please see the "[DEV] Known issues/Items not yet implemented" discussion topic. Link

Future plans:
Please see the "[DEV] Future plans" discussion topic. Link

Required Mods:

Alive - Link
CBA3 - Link

Recommended Mods:

JSRS 3.0 - Link
(improved sounds)

Blastcore - Link
(improved explosion/blast/smoke/debris effects)

Download on Steam Workshop

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