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Chalkeia Raid


The idea of this CO-OP mission is to extract VIP[1] to safety[2] from city hall[3] of Chalkeia massively attacked by insurgents[4]. Player is one of 10 NATO operators stationed in Southern NATO HQ[2] and has access to various means[5] for this operation. Chalkeia is around 4-5 km away from base. Ambushes are to be expected. Be advised on civilian activity on your way - the closer to target the lesser it is. As you being the mission there is still NATO resistance[6] around the city hall[3]. It is not advised to bomb Chalkeia to ashes, because civilians, NATO survivors and VIP himself might get hurt. Time is not crucial for mission success, however the more you wait, the better positions enemy has. They are expected to secure city hall and area around it. NATO has limited resources in this area, thus your main and only task is to secure the VIP. Retaking Chalkeia is not the objective. NATO's mobilized infantry convoy patrolling area around Chalkeia (south) is not responding. The closest unit to Chalkeia is AH-99 attack helicopter and is approaching the town from east. Team commander can also call for airlift via radio[7]. Do not underestimate the enemy. Insurgents have high anti-air and anti-tank capabilities. At least 3 hostile infantry teams have been reported entering Chalkeia supported by APC (MSE-3 Marid) from east. More than 1 km north is hostile convoy heading to Chalkeia. Convoy consists of 4 units: 1 Ifrit armored vehicle and 3 Tempest Transport trucks. It is possible to strike it with A-164 Wipeout before the convoy reaches Chalkeia, however there are hostile MANPADs present in the town vicinity.

[1] AAF officer.
[2] Southern NATO HQ - Feres-Selakano airfield (guarded by NATO forces).
[3] Picked estate and marked with flags and on your map.
[4] Played by CSAT.
[5] Player accessible units (See section)
[6] City hall defences (NATO) (See section)
[7] Airlift is using unmodified function/script from ARMA 3 and seems to be bugged. The death of commander means no airlift of this kind.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

Important notes:
VIP is to be escorted to Southern NATO HQ[2] and EXTRACTED FROM VEHICLE!!! Death of VIP or whole team defines mission failure. The fight goes from the start of mission. It is possible to loose VIP before even reaching Chalkeia (bad luck). VIP (AAF faction) is neutral to the enemy faction (CSAT) until he joins rescuing team. There is no indication on wiping out whole CSAT or securing Chalkeia - it is not the objective. Number of hostile forces is finite and they are all spawned at the very beginning. There are many random factors: locations, numbers and composition of hostiles, slightly weather conditions, ambushes and civilian encounters. Each mission/try might give unique experience. Fight going on in background is also unpredictable, however Chalkeia's NATO forces shall not prevail under CSAT pressure without intervention. There are weapon, ammo and equipment boxes in HQ (script based on Fill Ammo Box Script by Lzryde v0.2), so you can customize your team composition. After death of player, player can switch to computer controlled team mate.

Side notes and tips:
Distance to the target seems significant, but you can always try to get there faster, for example by infantry drop behind enemy defences. Possibly the safest way is an armored convoy supported by attack helicopters. Someone may also try to weaken the enemy first. A-164 Wipeout gives opportunity to take hostile vehicles (and convoy) out from distance with guided missiles. Flying directly over Chalkeia twice is a death penalty. Minimum enemy strength is 57 infantry and 8 crew of 5 vehicles (Marid, Ifrit, 3x Tempest). Another 63 of infantry are randomized, what gives maximum of 128 men (including crews). Throw a dice...

Player accessible units:
10 players - various NATO specialists (computer controlled by default)
2x AMV-7 Marshall (APC)
3x Hunter (various versions of armored vehicle)
2x HEMTT Transport (truck)
1x UH-80 Ghost Hawk (transport helicopter)
2x AH-99 Blackfoot (attack helicopter/gunship)
3x A-164 Wipeout (close support aircraft)
3x quadbike
There ale also HEMTT Ammo, Repair, Fuel and Medical at disposal 200 meters north-east from barracks.

City hall defences (NATO):
16x infantry
2x Hunters (armored vehicles)
1x AMV-7 Marshall (APC)

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