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#1 Posted at 2015-02-13 18:04        
I'm having a lot of trouble with Arma, I have 1000 hours in and have tried downloading the Battle Eye 64 bit from their site, and when I run it, a black command box opens and closes.

Every time I delete battle eye from local and from the steam folder, they come back, and it will simply do this when I try to run the game and re-install battle eye.


Not sure what to try next as I've re-installed, uninstalled Battle eye, I had it fixed at one point only for the issue to happen again, I want to say it has something to do with DayZ Standalone battle eye and Armas clashing cause thats when the problem occured after a DayZ SA battle eye update. Any help is appreciated.

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#2 Posted at 2015-02-13 20:05        
Try this:
link to silly website removed, we do not support idiots. For that you can depend on the idiots using your "service".

If anyone tells you to install any kind of additional file I advice you to not do that, unless you download it from the battleye website. (no idea if the linked topic does that but I just wanted to mention it!)

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