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Hello, I am requesting help or someone to do it for me, to make an Quicksilver MX Sport. I tried making it myself, but with numerous hours of cussing and complaining at my computer while making the Model *WALL* , I have given up. I am a total amateur at modeling and modding, so I have turned to the forums for someone to do it for me, or at the least do the model for me. *If it's not too much to ask, another model, the Quicksilver MXL-2 Sport (Two seater version) Would be added, along with a military counterpart. (All military planes under BLUFOR). ONE LAST THING!!! I ask that the model DOSE NOT have Wheel Skirts or the cockpit to be covered, it takes away from the feeling of an ultra light!

I am requesting a Quicksilver MX Sport (Ultra Light)
I would like to see this in ArmA because it's a light height plane for bush pilots, as well as within ArmA, it could be used for reconnaissance armed with grenades or outfitted with a small machine gun. I would also love to see this in the game so that it could be used by versions of DayZ (Epoch, for example), because it creates a survivor-ish feel and fits in the lore, while fitting in with the Auto Gyros and Mozzie (Mosqito). I feel there are hardly any civilian plane mods out there.

The Quicksilver MX Sport is an Ultra Light class aircraft only weighing 254 Ib. It was built upon his several earlier models by Bob Lovejoy. The kit costs around $ 13,195.
There's a fair amount of information about it so I've linked the Wikipedia to here
I'll put the specs here for the hell of it (Spolier time)
Some helpful links:



Other useful information:
Here's a blueprint (X-plane version, can't be that accurate *NO* )
Info about the MXL-2 Sport:

That should about cover it! Can't wait for someone to get back to me!

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