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#1 Posted at 2015-04-12 08:03        
I've been trying to make Evolution BLUE ( work in arma 3 for about 10 hours straight now, and it's just not having it. Has anyone else tried making it work in the arma 3 engine?

Evolution blue is an all time favourite map between me and my friends and we still go back to Arma: Armed assault to play it whenever we feel the need to play it! But unfortunately after playing Arma 3, the old arma engine feels so outdated and it has a tendency of pissing you off.

What I've done so far is go through most of the scripts and the mission.sqm file and changed the unit and vehicle names to RHS units and vehicles, so far the change itself has worked like a charm, but the real problem is the scripts not really seeming to work, the enemy units fail to spawn in cities and the radio tower is apparently thought of as destroyed as soon as you enter the city AO. On top of all this the ammobox is nonexistant, the game fails to remove your weapons at game start and ranks doesnt seem to matter / doesn't work at all. So what I want to know is, is the scripts so old and dated that getting them to work in arma 3 would be neigh impossible? And if it could be done, how much work would it take? Almost a total rewrite?

Any help would be extremely helpful!

Just keep in mind I am changing the mission/script in order to play it with my friends and my intention was not on stealing the original authors work and take the credit.

PS. My editing/modding experience is limited to the 10 hours I've spent on this editing

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