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Follow the story of Sgt. Ghafurzai and the CSAT forces on their quest for retribution against the NATO forces who have have caused them much grief in the past on altis/bornholm/chernarus/stratis/takistan/zargobad.

Notice: This is a Work In Progess (WIP) campaign that I am going to be working on and so far I have only gotten the idea down and have finished the intro mission.

Please Note:This is a Continuum from my other custom campaign Resurgence so in order to be fully immersed in the story you should play those campaign.

Resurgence - Armaholic, Steam Workshop

Mission Layout (this is all WIP, it is subject to change):

Mission One: Insertion - 100% done

Summary: A CSAT special operative is inserted into enemy territory to establish a foothold on Altis.


Mission Two: Assault - 100% done

Summary: Two CSAT Assault speedboats have been dispatched to assault the coastal AAF outpost.


Mission Three: Tracking - 100% done

Summary: A AAF wildcat is scheduled to be dispatched at a local dock, we are sending in a team to put trackers on it.


Mission Four: Push Forward - 100% done

Summary: In order to gain more ground on Altis, CSAT forces are ordered to push forward to the airfield.


Mission Five: Take the Field - 100% done

Summary: In order for CSAT forces to have a stronger present on Altis, they will need to take the airfield.


Mission Six: The Defector - 100% done

Summary: We've been in contact with a captain who is willing to defect and he wanted to meet at on undisclosed location.


Mission Seven: Silent Sweep - 100% done

Summary: We've got intel on the FIA that ambushed us, they are in Molos. A SpecOp soldier callsign Reaper is sent in to sweep and neutralize all FIA in Molos.


Mission Eight: Strike Fast - 100% done

Summary: an AAF convoy on its way to Rodopoli, we are sending Vapor to strike the convoy fast before they know what happened.


Mission Nine: Setting Free - 25% done

Summary: We've intercepted a distress call from some AAF soldiers that were captured by FIA, we are sending in a team callsign Phalanx to rescue them.

Work In Progress

Download (Includes the campaign file, and the first six mission):

Download - Steam Workshop