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#1 Posted at 2015-06-17 01:05        
Does anybody know how to install cheranus now that the update has taken effect? Whenever I try and just follow this dudes video, I always get errors.

I've been having major problems installing All in Arma for Arma 3.
If anybody can help me out, please do.

I've tried with the patches and hotfixes in that specific order to no avail.
I can play the maps just fine in the map-editor so it's installed and sort of detected by arma.
The multiplayer servers I try playing the mods on, however, always give me a red dot and a differently spelled, capitalized version of the mod name.

I've already ran Play with Six. It moved my mods to a different location, and it checked for missing files. (There were none)
At this point should I just re-install Arma 3?

Here's my install directory:

Here's my version of the mod.

Can somebody that has it working compare with mine?
This has been driving me crazy.

If anybody needs further information in order to help me out on this one: