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SP Mission Pack CWR 2 Remake


Mission pack for Cold War Rearmed Mod 2 (CWR 2). Im planing to make remakes of my old missions and campaigns for this mod. In first release of this pack there are 3 missions, one for US Rangers, in 2nd we play as US Infantry soldier, in 3rd night mission we play as Russian soldiers.

  • SP Mission Pack with 3 single player missions,
  • briefings, overviews for missions,
  • you can change weapons during briefing,
  • in few missions player have few optional tasks. You dont have to finish optional tasks to accomplish mission,
  • bis modules: first aid, civilians, animals, cars etc,
  • no voice acting :(

  • Installation:
    Put folder "tom3kb's SP Mission Pack CWR 2 Remake" in your Missions folder.

    For example:
    d:\Arma 2\Missions\tom3kb's SP Mission Pack CWR 2 Remake

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