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#1 Posted at 2015-07-26 21:50        
Hello. So basically I've spent a while working on a sector control mission, in which a team of 30 Blufor and 30 Opfor must capture all 12 sectors in order to bleed the opposing teams 1 ticket and win the game. Because of the way my mission works, I need a way to make it so that, say Objective C for example, cannot be captured by the Blufor if they don't control Sector B, and Opfor cant capture C if they don't control D. I've looked all over the place trying to figure this out, and I did get a possible solution from a Youtube comment, involving the Unlock Game Logic, synced with the Sector modules and a trigger, but when I previewed it crashed my game, and the same to the 2 guys doing the same thing on Youtube happened also. Any help I could get with this would be appreciated!