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I have always wanted to bring the feel of the original Ghost Recon games to the world of Arma, as others have done with Arma 2.
I played those missions (Operation Ghost Recon by mrcash2009, Island Thunder and other missions/campaigns by Lightspeed to name two) and enjoyed them greatly, so much respect to them.

The POWs.

My goal was to create a mission that is faithful to the feel of the original GR mission(s), but with the much better platform of Arma 3, so everything is harder, much better, and on a much larger scale. Things about GR I didn't really care for I've changed/improved, and attempted to keep and hopefully improve the things I always loved. For instance, the maps were very finite in terms of how to approach your objectives. Also, very few insertions and/or extactions/endings were realistic in terms of timing and/or placement.

The objective remains the same and doesn't detract from the overall feel of the mission. The enemy forces are also more heavily armed, as well as heavily armed motorized vehicles. Also, as I had always wanted, the POWs will arm themselves by you pressing 0, then 6.

I'm sure it will need improvements/changes as people play, and this is my first attempt at a mission, so please be kind in your criticism; it will be taken into consideration no matter what. Feedback is welcome, so please let me know what you think! I'll be looking for testers soon.

I plan to do all my favorite missions from the GR series, so more should be on the way, depending on the response this Eager Smoke gets.

    Destroy Avionics
    Rescue Pilot
    Rescue Weapons Officer

Complete Objectives in any order you see fit.
Lead an 10-man team or Co-Op with 2 teams of 5. (2 teams of 5 is in the works)
Map is crawling with infantry and motorized patrols.
Go in stealth or guns blazing.

Mission testers will be recruited by way of accepting offers via private message or in this thread.

There's still much to do as far as my vision for this and the other missions I plan on doing- hopefully I can get some good help in terms of better ways to do things as an editor.

The big thing right now is assigning names to the team; I've tried everything I could find on how to change the name from the vanilla names... The game crashes and tells me the name has been defined already around the 3rd or 4th team member...
I also would like to make it co-op capable, but don't know how to assign the team members to join priorities, or maybe so the player can choose which team member he wants to play as.

I'm also having custom loadout problems... My Arma game doesn't seem to want to read scripts after I save a couple of times.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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