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#1 Posted at 2015-08-22 23:12        
So i'm currently using play withsix updater to launch my game with mods. i'm having an issue where when an AI is injured, they're teleported into any nearby water. I've narrowed the problem down to COWARMOD, as it's the only common mod in every collection, and this issue happens in each collection. However, i can't seem to figure out which file is causing the problem. i've tried deleting a few files that have to deal with injuries and death and still no result.
Also at one point i uninstalled COWARMODACE, but when i tried to reinstall it, it gets to 100% then comes up with an error. I decided to use COWARMOD (no ace) and the issue with the 100% loading doesn't happen, however the teleportation still happens.
Sorry for the messy organization, please ask any questions if you need clarification.
Basically COWARMOD is causing injured AI to be teleported into the water. Can anyone help me figure out the cause.