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#1 Posted at 2015-09-21 08:36        
Saint Kapaulio Terrain by 1PARA {God-father}

About this project:
Size: 20k x 20k
Gridsize: 4096x4096
Cellsize: 5
Satimage: 20480 x 20480px.
1.1 Million Objects place to date
​Totally Fictional Terrain

**Still working on Sat_mask and also placements of some Objects.

This Terrain was never intended to be a real place and it is heavily designed around our S.A.G mission we play every Sunday & Wednesday @ 1PARA - but thought that nothers might like to play at some point .

It is a Tropical Style Island , with various Terrains - 1 Main River running into a big open lake that leads back out to the sea, A desert area to the North , and a small Desert Oasis to the South, There are 2 Swamp areas and the middle of the Island is fairly flat which is just great for Mission ( as with other terrains you always have the high ground to shoot down which I find just a tat like duck shooting )., to the East is all the Mountain ranges , and to the West area's is the hills for those duck shooters out their :)

There are 2 Main Airbases 1 north West and the other down in the South east, the one down in the South is still under construction, as well as a few dirt landing strips for those smugglers.

There are 3 Major Cities and hundreds of smaller villages and settlements, 5 ports , and lots of Military compounds - as well as lots of spare space to build your own Fobs and bases.

Like I have said before this was never meant to look perfect and have all the details of other terrains out there where they make it really realistic with telephone boxes street signs etc.... as TBH when we are playing our mission those details are very rarely looked at or even noticed.

There will be a write up for this terrain coming very soon..................

It is in Beta stage and we are playing a Campaign on it now and you can check out the video footage on the Website

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#2 Posted at 2015-12-03 14:50        
This terrain has been released on the frontpage and you can find our mirror here:

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