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#151 Posted at 2016-07-11 01:43        
Females mission pack is now available on the Missions Download page.

As for the Campaign, the fault is clearly the ancient game engine where a single rabbit (or nowadays a snake) can stop a whole tank convoy.
But yes, it would have been better to remove the animals completely. Question is just if I ever can motivate me enough to edit the campaign files. Should be easy though knowing SaOk's work. :-)

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#152 Posted at 2016-07-11 13:34        
Thanks a lot W0lle for missions. I now take ladies for a spin. I remember it was a lot of fun especialy that Molotov enabled granny.

Motivation mode for W0lle ON. Please please as I said for me Resistance is special ;) BTW it was bunch of cows on road :)

I am not sure but isn't ambient animals module able to define exlusion zones?

Added 2 minutes later:

Found it:

To stop animals spawning within a specific area, place a trigger named BIS_ARZ_0 (and subsequent areas BIS_ARZ_1, BIS_ARZ_2 etc).

Hope it helps.


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#153 Posted at 2016-12-23 16:45        
Continue here:

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