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So I created a mission and ALIVE is incorporated. Everything is working quite well with alive, I have set up based on tutorials and am just playing by myself, not online. So a few things that aren't really working. 1. the CAS. I setup a CAS based off the tutorials I saw. Set I placed the combat support module, and I set the combat support CAS module and synced them. I setup a support box so when I start the mission I can get the laser designator as this is what is set for activation. access it...and that's about as far as I have gone. i set up a helicopter support cas and the helicopter shows on the map, it even say "EAGLE ONE is ready for tasking" etc. One thing I have noticed though is this> the "command interface" for ALIVE doesn't pop up at all. So I went in and added the tablet to my inventory and pressed "app key" nothing. So then I went to configure addon, alive, and looked at what controls were configured. there were none for the tablet and none for command interface. they were all controls for map markers under the ALIVE configuration.

So I took this one step further and actually downloaded the combat task interface that originally came out alone with alive. it is a script. added it to the mission, launched it. it pulls up the tablet but I cannot use it. I can click on the buttons, they are slow and finicky and just show the allies and enemies on the map. I can do call reinforcements, "recon" assault, etc but no action takes place after that occurs. the way I have this setup is I have all the needed modules alive required military ai, military logistics, virtual ai, etc.that is all working brilliantly and the whole map is just one large warzone and I love it. If someone could help me out with this I would really appreciate it. Like I said, the ALIVE mod is so so so oooo sick. It's very fun. but it is kinda sucky that I cant use my cas and combat support and call reinforcements from my military AI pool. and military placement obj. It seems like there is a lot that ALIVE has in potential but im only getting a piece of it. I looked at ALL other control configuration that could possibly bring up either the interface or tablet and there is nothing. I also read something to set custom user action 22? My custom user actions only go to 20....soo.

Thanks for any and all feedback, you guys rock.

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