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#1 Posted at 2016-07-06 23:01        
Im making an open world survival-type mission with a lot of dynamic elements.
Due to the lack of Sides in the ArmA engine (as we've already grown accustomed to) i've decided to do a full on "rampage" mode and let everyone hate on eachother, which is not a bad idea at all for the survival theme.

But i've noticed when AI units are in the ENEMY Side they're constantly in COMBAT mode which makes them go all sneaky sneaky around objects and everything instead of following the limited speed and safe behaviour i gave them on waypoints.
The only way to make them assume a relaxed stance and walk is to set their behaviour to CARELESS. The thing about that option is that it probably disables most of the important AI features needed for combat, so they ignore eachother eventhough while debugging one could clearly see them all marking eachother as targets and enemies but still not acting upon it.

My question is if there's any idea about a possible workaround or, preferably, some way of overriding this behaviour with a new one for all units in the enemy side.

Thank you


Wow in under 20 minutes i found the solution to my own problem
Reading through this Wiki page got me the answer and i'll quote it

(Arma 3 1.30 stable) It is possible to make a side hostile towards itself.
west setFriend [west, 0];
It is only possible to do so with west/blufor, east/opfor, independent/resistance and civilian. This essentially creates a free for all deathmatch. Affects AI behaviour too."

I supose the topic can either be deleted or closed in case anyone ever has this same issue.

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#2 Posted at 2016-07-08 18:26        
Thanks a lot for your feedback! You have a "ArmaHolic" spirit. Sometimes, answers are late but that doesn't mean anyone is trying to find a solution. I learned reading at your post.