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#1 Posted at 2016-08-03 05:56        
So I been having an issue with this sector control setup I been having. For certain sectors I want to have it where certain vehicles will appear at a particular sector depending on who takes control. For example if Opfor takes control three BTR-80 will appear. If Blufor takes control of that same sector only M113 will appear and the BTR-80s will not be visible. Issue is when I let someone else host the mission to test or have it on a dedicated server both the BTR and M113 are visible before anyone captures the base as if they are ignoring the hide module and triggers. I have been attempting to fix it for the past two days but it is difficult since it works perfectly when in eden editor and starting a multiplayer run through there. So what would the solution be?

Here is an imgur album showing how I have a particular sector set up: