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Game of Camps is my first TVT mission. It’s still a WIP but all the basics functionalities are in place.
Since I'm a hardcore player I have tried to make a mission that will promote and encourage team work and discourage "run and gun" style of playing. So working as a team and coordinating defence and offense in the same time is critical.

On short, there are 3 factions, 48 players, 16 players per faction, each faction has a main camp and a few secondary camps.
To win you have to capture the main camps occupied by other factions.
Although capturing secondary camps is not required to win it will give you some advantages:
- smaller delay on player respawn
- smaller delay on vehicles respawn
- faster refresh for ammo crates
- access to more resources
Once you lose a camp you can attempt to capture it back. All camps are guarded by AI. The main camps generate infantry and vehicle patrols sent to attack enemy camps.

Among other features:
- dynamic weather
- radiation pockets
- minefields
- meteors
- shooting stars
- secret resources
- available for TANOA and STRATIS
- no mods required
- respawn

The plan is to optimize scripts, balance, add more assets, special effects, puzzles to solve, side missions and "special" powers to the generals.
Each faction has a general, for now they are the only ones which start with a high calibre weapon. This slot be taken by the player who wants to play as team coordinator if a team decides to have one.

The mission is localized in french because it was developed for the french community called B.W.S.
This mission can be played only on B.W.S servers: IP Port 2362
You are welcomed to play the mission on BWS servers but you are not allowed to host this version under any circumstances.

Copyright © 2016
* This mission is made exclusively for B.W.S. community
* You can only play the mission on B.W.S. servers
* You are not allowed to host, distribute, rent or sell
* You can edit this version only for your personal use on your personal computer

In the future a public version in English will be available for hosting and sharing but this isn't it!!!

For more information jump on the mission and read the briefing or visit B.W.S website (in french):

Keep an eye on this topic for updates and see you on the field! :)

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