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Sentinel - Outbreak - Part II

B. Robertson

This is a sandbox style mission where the player must escape from an island where there's been an outbreak of a highly contagious rage-inducing virus, which turns those who have been infected into blood-thirsty, violent psychotics.

The mission begins shortly after the Altis edition left off. Our protagonist (the player) was sold out by the AAF officer shortly after making it to the Altis safe zone and instead of being sent back home, he and several others were handed over to a mysterious group of scientists dressed in white coveralls with red insignias on their shoulders. After being taken captive, the player and everyone else who'd come into contact with the infected were then transported to Tanoa.
Shortly after arriving at their research facility, the protagonist managed to escape; and thanks to a friendly local Tanoan named Akamu, was able to hide in a small underground bunker deep in the jungle.
Unfortunately Akamu is long overdue to return and supplies are running low, so once again the player must venture forth from their temporary abode and will need to make use of whatever weapons and equipment they find scattered around in buildings, vehicles and dead bodies in order to survive long enough to find a means of escaping the island of Tanoa.

Trying to stay alive is made even more challenging as the player will have to either evade or kill the infected which have now made an appearance on Tanoa; as well as the scattered groups of bandits that are taking advantage of the lack of law and order. Thankfully the player isn't completely alone however, as there are still a handful of survivors out there, including some that may be more than happy to join you in their fight for survival.
There are also reports that a private military company has established a base of operations in the region and are evacuating survivors. What are the intentions of this new force, are they really here to help, or will they turn out to be just as treacherous as the AAF?

This is the continuation of the previous Sentinel - Outbreak storyline, which ties in some of the characters and events from the previous Outbreak scenarios (Esseker, Altis and Chernarus) and brings it all to a conclusion.

  • 15 Random starting locations and random loot that spawns in almost all the buildings mean that you'll have a different experience each time you play.
  • 5 Different ways to escape the island, including an optional mission at the safe zone that will have the player leading a small team on an important assignment that can change the overall outcome of the story.
  • Random Bandits and even armed civilians that are friendly to the player that spawn at certain locations and with random gear.
  • Simple text based narration courtesy of IndeedPete's conversation system.
  • The option to ask some of the random survivors you encounter to join your team, helping you fight against bandits and the infected. Be warned, not all of them will accept.
  • There is also an option to skip some of the lengthy story related dialogue with certain characters at the safe zone, all you need to do is select the (Quickstart) dialogue option using the action menu when speaking to the respective characters.
  • Vehicles that have a random chance of spawning at certain locations, each with varying degrees of fuel remaining and damage done.
  • Hordes of infected that will pursue you relentlessly for as long as they can see/sense you, with more spawning closer to villages and cities.
  • The infected can cripple/kill the player with several hits, and will damage and eventually destroy the player's vehicle if they managed to swarm around it and keep pounding it with their fists and rocks.
  • Custom sounds and textures for a richer experience.
  • Created to be vanilla Arma 3 (APEX) friendly, no 3rd party mods or addons required.

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Missions folder.

  • Initial release.

  • Credits & thanks:
    B. Robertson (aka Capt.Robertson / Baraban) and the Sentinel Team - Mission design and testing.
    Special Thanks To BobTom aka Craig and Corvobrok - Original Infected Scripts.
    IndeedPete - Conversation System.
    ZZEZ - Loadout Script.
    BangaBob aka H8ermaker - Loot Script.
    [STELS]Zealot - Random Vehicles Script.
    Giallustio - BTC Quick Revive Script.

    Sentinel - Outbreak - Part II v1.00 (7Zip)

    There's a 'Lite' version below for people with older/slower computers that have FPS issues or trouble rendering the starting bunker.
    Sentinel - Outbreak - Part II -Lite- (7Zip)

    And a version that I've made especially for users of the Ravage Mod (This is the best one IMHO):
    Sentinel - Outbreak - Part II - Ravage Edition (7Zip)


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    #2 Posted at 2016-09-20 20:49        
    First post has been updated with a link to a version of this mission that I've made specifically to work with the Ravage Mod, this enhances the mission significantly and removes the need for the hefty amount of scripting in the original.

    This also makes the mission more challenging, as finding an initial weapon and map is much more harder, plus there's roaming bandits to content with too now.

    Features with this version include:-
    * The Ravage mod survival module - you'll now need to stay fed and hydrated if you hope to last long enough to escape.
    * Ravage mod Friendly AI and traders that have a small chance of spawning during the game.
    * Firefights between the randomly spawning Ravage mod bandit patrols.
    * A more complicated repair system (and fewer vehicles that spawn intact).
    * Ravage mod Zombies that track using sight and sound instead of the hunter-killer style infected, I've included both walking and running types and the bolters can run faster than the player if he's out of stamina, so you need to be careful.
    * Ravage mod time acceleration and random weather.



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    #3 Posted at 2016-11-07 20:01        
    hi..some quad errors givin us trouble ..mission is not opening ...can u fix for us ?