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#1 Posted at 2016-10-11 06:26        
So before I installed the SOS Pure Sound mod, all my mods were running fine, including the ACE3 mod. So after playing a bit I go to install the SOS mod. Right after it is finished, I go to the Launcher. Everything is checked but I can't seem to find my sound mod in the mods tab. Oddly enough I installed everything in the @ folder in the same place as my other mods (Which worked fine.) Upon opening the game and loading a mission, I am greeted with error signs for my ACE3 mod and Task Force radio mod. Apparently, they both don't work anymore. The only thing left of ACE3 were the models, weapons, equipment, etc. But no other features remained. I went to go unsubscribe from the workshop on Steam, and resubscribe. Nothing changed. So I removed the entire @ folder for the SOS sound mod, and literally backstepped my installation. The ACE3 mod is still not working (Same with the Task Force radio) and the SOS sound mod icon still remains on the list of mods and expansions in-game.

I am rather new to modding and am not sure if it is something I did wrong or not (Probably is haha. I may have overlooked something important). I did as much research on adding mods as I could, and they have worked for all of them. Except the SOS mod. If there is anymore information on the matter that anyone needs to know, I'd be happy to provide the info (Not sure what info is needed to determine what the issue could be.) I apologize in advance if I posted this in the wrong place. Tried my best to look for the correct place to start this topic. (New to forums as well. Never used them.). Any help would be greatly appreciated.